Currently Implemented Contracts
Technical Assistance for FADN: Target 2020


Duration: 18 months

Contracting Authority: Central Finance and Contracts Unit

Beneficiary: Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry of Turkey

Contract Value: €1.8M Euro

The main objective of this project is to ensure a fully functioned FADN system at central and provincial levels by increasing the usage of FADN data and also to increase data quality of FADN. In this context, there shall be some activities such as local site visits to selected provinces from NUTS1 region, preparation of communication tools and establishment of FADN website to raise the awareness regarding the FADN and FADN data usage among both private and public sector. Moreover, farm management trainings will be provided for FADN farmers and representatives of NGOs in the selected 12 provinces from NUTS1 regions. Regarding the usage of FADN data and other agricultural statistical data, a simulation model and related training program to FADN staff will be developed for Turkish agriculture. The target groups of this contracts are staff of MoAF at central and provincial levels, NGOs and farmers. 

The overall objective of the project is to enhance the institutional capacity of MoAF regarding implementation of the requirements of the EU legislation in Turkey within the scope of Chapter 11 and 13.

The purpose of the contract is to make contribution to the fully implementation of FADN in Turkey by establishing a manageable FADN structure and increasing the usage and the data quality of FADN at both central and provincial levels.

The expected results are:

  • Perception of FADN at both central and provincial levels has been improved.

  • The capacity of provinces for the implementation of FADN has been improved and the usage of FADN has been increased through trainings.

  • Data quality has been improved by means of on-the-spot checks carried out at the selected farms.

  • Decision support mechanism of MoAF has been improved through the use of FADN data.

  • Data collection methodology has been analyzed / elaborated and a draft legal infrastructure has been prepared.

Previously Implemented Contracts
Food Quality Standards and Participation of Farmers in Modern Supply Chains in the Western Balkans




Duration: 11 months

Contracting Authority: Directorate General Joint Research Centre (DG JRC)

Beneficiary Countries: Albania, Bosnia & Herzegovina, FYROM Macedonia, Kosovo, Montenegro, Serbia and Turkey.


This contract has the objective of carrying out a survey among farmers in the Western Balkan countries and Turkey to obtain data to perform analysis on factors affecting farmers’ participation in modern supply chains and contractual arrangement applied between farmers and processors/retailers to ensure the supply of the food quality desired by the market.


The specific objectives that the survey and the analysis performed by the us need to meet are:

  • Analysis of the structure of the market;

  • Understanding of the farmers participation in different sales channels, e.g. modern  channels versus informal (traditional) channels;

  • Contractual agreements of sales channels;

  • The role of cooperatives and producers organizations in determining farmers’ participation in modern sales channels; 

  • The role of food standards and food quality in determining farmers’ participation in modern supply chains; 

  • The use of standards, certification, and labelling to ensure food quality and provision of information of food attributes to consumers; 

  • The role of agricultural policy in supporting quality standards and farmers’ entering in new markets; 

  • Which farmers are excluded from modern supply chains; 

  • Detailed contractual agreements between farmers and processors/retailers applied to enforce the food quality standards.

Shortlisted Contracts

Improved Promotion and Marketing of Traditional Food Products
30 months

The overall objective of this project, of which this contract will be a part, is to support Government efforts in the diversification of the economy while promoting balanced and inclusive growth, decreasing regional disparities and improving rural livelihoods, specifically by contributing to business development, investment promotion and employment generation.

The purpose of the contact is to support the development of a better informed, more market-oriented and competitive small and medium sized farming agribusiness sector by increasing sales of traditionally produced agricultural and food products and which will contribute to the overall economic development of rural areas.

EU Environment Partnership Programme for Accession (EPPA) in the Western Balkans and Turkey
36 months

The action will provide technical assistance to IPA II beneficiaries with a view to supporting their progress towards the adoption and the implementation of the EU environment acquis, as well as strengthening the regional cooperation in the environmental field.


The action will target those environmental policy areas where trans-boundary cooperation is needed to address common challenges and also respond to emerging environmental policy priorities. These include waste, water, air quality and industrial pollution, nature and biodiversity, combating illegal trade in timber and wildlife, as well as implementation of circular economy actions. Alongside actions that will strengthen environmental reporting and governance need also to receive due attention.

Strengthening of Agricultural Advisory Services
30 months

The project aims at enhancing efficiency and effectiveness of the agricultural advisory services system in Azerbaijan thereby enabling it to better respond to current and future challenges in the agriculture sector in a sustainable and collaborative manner. To this end it will assist the Government of Azerbaijan and service providers in rural areas to better understand and adopt operational systems, processes and services that are more focused, targeted and relevant to increasing farm incomes while protecting and enhancing the natural environment - amongst others by developing and promoting a Code of Good Agricultural Practice.

Technical Assistance for EU-Turkey Anatolian Archaeology and Cultural Heritage Institute
37 months

The objective of this project is to improve intercultural dialogue between Turkey - EU through protecting and advertising common cultural heritage and strengthening civil society dialogue on common cultural heritage. In this context, the Contractor will provide technical support for the operationalization of the EU-Turkey Anatolian Archaeology and Cultural Heritage Institute like preparing an organizational structure for the Institute, establishing a library and supporting with publications, increasing the Institute’s visibility by publishing various promotional materials, preparing a sustainable website and establishing international network for the Institute. This Institute set up in Gaziantep will assist establishing to networks among archaeology institutes of Turkey and EU member states for sustained dialogue and knowledge sharing in the field of common cultural heritage, ensuring that the latest research, technologies and sustainable archaeological practice are exchanged.


Moreover, the Contractor will increase the knowledge of relevant target groups (i.e. academics, students, civil society, artists, archaeologists, NGO’s, experts working in the field of common cultural heritage, universities and institutes or similar institutions operating in Turkey and EU in the fields of common cultural heritage)about collection, protection and promotion of common cultural heritage. In this respect, the Contractor will also provide services to the target groupsby organizing daily trips, various trainings/workshops about cultural heritage (covering preservation of under water and historic properties, research methodologies, conservation of naturals, prevention of smuggling etc.),study visits and internship programs. 

Implementation of Common Market Organisations (CMO) in the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia
20 months

The project is to contribute to strengthen the capacity of public institutions in designing implementing and monitoring evidence-based CMO policies; to promote and enhance implementation of minimum quality and marketing standards of fresh fruit and vegetables and strengthen the position of smallholder farmers in the fruits and vegetables supply chain. 


The Contractor will provide services in preparation of value chain assessments in agriculture sub-sectors.


The Contractor will support the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Water Economy (MAFWE) to develop plan of actions for gradual alignment to the EU CMO rules and requirements that describes necessary legal, adaptations of institutional mandates and development of administrative capacities.


The Contractor will also provide capacity building through trainings for officials from MAFWE and Agency for financial support in agriculture and rural development (Paying Agency) and other relevant institutions and stakeholders for better understanding of EU CMO rules and their application in the national context. 


The Contractor will also improve the institutional capacity related to the implementation of marketing standards for fruit and vegetable markets in line with EU requirements through assistance of the State Agriculture Inspectorate and intensive regional trainings of fruit and vegetable producers.

Technical Assistance for Farm Advisory Services Northern Part of Cyprus
Northern part of Cyprus
30 months

The purpose of the contract is to assist the Turkish Cypriot community in the implementation of its strategy for farm advisory services (FAS). Such services are fundamental for the development of activities in the agricultural sector.  A strategy was established in 2017 in order to establish a structured approach and provide a wide spectrum of services to the farmers operating in the Turkish Cypriot community.


The Consultant will be required to implement the following outputs:

  • to identify the relevant Turkish Cypriot stakeholders in the agriculture sector and involve them at each stage of the contract's implementation ensuring constant dialogue and informed participation;

  • to assist the relevant Turkish Cypriot stakeholders in the implementation of its farm advisory services strategy;

  • to provide technical assistance to farmers on topics including Mediterranean agriculture; EU acquis in agriculture; farm management innovation and related practices to increase the income and the competitiveness of farms; as well as assistance with rural development project preparation and implementation;

  • to support Turkish Cypriot relevant stakeholders in raising awareness amongst farmers as regards the benefits of farm advisory services. In this respect, the Consultant should advise on supplies which could be effective for didactical purposes;

  • to assist in the design of up to two related calls for proposals, as required;

  • to assist Turkish Cypriot stakeholders in maintaining a robust monitoring and evaluation system to review the effectiveness of the provided farm advisory services.

Technical Assistance for Strengthening the Management Capacity of the DOEUI for the Second Implementation Period and Capacity Building for the End-Recipients
48 months

This Project will ensure development of expertise and improvement of institutional/organizational and human resource capacity of DoEUI and end-recipients along with the rational and effective planning and control of projects to be funded under ESOP. 


Technical assistance will focus on organizational development: institutional capacity building of DoEUI and potential end-recipients; delivery of training courses, study and site visits, preparation/review of necessary programming documents, quality checking of procurement documents , revision of IPA Application packages (IPA Application Form, Feasibility Studies, Cost Benefit Analysis - CBA, , project documents etc.), design reports and drawings and day-to-day consultation/support to DoEUI activities within operational programmes.

Capacity Building for the Alignment with The Acquis in the Areas of Agriculture, Rural Development, Food Safety, Veterinary and Phytosanitary Policy
30 months

The aim of this contract is to provide assistance for improving the planning, legislative, and institutional capacity of the Ministry of Agriculture and Environmental Protection in the context of the harmonisation process and accession negotiations for negotiations Chapters i) 11 (Agriculture and Rural Development), and ii) 12 (Food Safety, Veterinary, and Phytosanitary policy). The project will also include a component aimed to raise awareness of Serbia's efforts for achieving the EU standards in the respective areas.

Technical Assistance for Improving the Awareness of Food Processing Sector and Farmers in terms of EU Environmental and Hygiene Standards and IPARD Support
12 months

The main objective of the project is to improve the knowledge of food business operators and farmers in terms of EU environmental and hygiene standards, the right equipment to use and structural requirements. The project also aims to increase awareness regarding the support provided by the Instrument for Pre-Accession Assistance in Rural Development (IPARD) programme to assist the food processing industry to upgrade them to the relevant EU standards. In this regard, the project will cover activities such as analysis of legislation, capacity-building programme including trainings, study visits, consultation meetings, and an awareness-raising programme including seminars, preparation of brochures and hand-outs.