Ground Rules

It is the sustainability of our services that pushes us to move forward. To ensure sustainability, we have defined some ground rules. While operating, we keep a close eye on these three ground rules.


Agamemnon Consulting Group provides equal opportunities without regarding gender, age, nationality, ethnic origin, religion, culture, disabilities or sexual orientation. We are always for a meritocratic culture. We put achievement and aptitude for work in the center for advancement. Therefore, as a progressive and disruptive company in the sector, we have created standardized systems to ensure job applicants, our internal staff and consultants are assessed, recruited, paid and rewarded only by their efforts, skills and performance.


Environment is our cause. What we see is that companies in the sector print horrendous amount of paper - either for daily use or as scraps coming from misprints, printer jams, wrong paper selections etc. At Agamemnon Consulting Group, we dream of a paper-free office. This is why we brought industry-standard cloud technologies that encourage less printing. 


Yet, sometimes, we have to print inevitably. At these occurrences, we always use 100% chlorine-free bleached, FSC® certified, EU Ecolabel papers.


Electricity is another source that should be used responsibly. We chose LEDs as they use less power for a given application compared to halogen and fluorescent sources. As such, the overall kW/h consumption per year is less, this helps reduce the overall CO2 emissions. Additionally, all office electronics used in our premises meets the EPA EnergyStar criteria.


We implement an effective carbon management program throughout all Agamemnon Consulting Group operations, to include the monitoring and reporting carbon dioxide emissions and setting annual emissions of targets.


To encourage our colleagues to diminish their carbon footprints while commuting to our premises, Agamemnon Consulting Group pays extra benefits for staff who prefer cycling to riding their own cars or using public transport.


Our commitment to environment includes continually improving our performance, preventing pollution wherever possible and complying with regulations and industry standards.


If you like to have further information about the “Environment is Our Cause” campaign please contact us. You can download our “Environment is Our Cause” brochure here.

Good Corporate Governance

Corporate governance is a system of rules, practices and processes by which a company is directed. At Agamemnon Consulting Group, we are aware that good corporate governance requires internalization of some core values and practices. Mentioning briefly:

  • Our “internal” and “external” reporting systems are designed to provide transparency and accountability.

  • Ethics is a key element to build and sustain good corporate governance. This is why we have an ethics clause in our Operational Protocol which applies to all Agamemnon Consulting Group internal staff, consultants, companies and members with long or short term contracts.

  • Diversified board of directors with a range of expertise also enables Agamemnon Consulting Group to thoughtfully address important decisions and issues. Moreover, our Board of Directors boasts collaborating with management units utilizing their expertise to broaden horizons.

  • Our corporate bylaws meticulously and clearly define descriptions, duties and responsibilities for all of our colleagues; also outlining code of conducts.