We aim to help our clients through their journey to reach their full capacity.

Contract Management 

To our understanding, contract management requires more than implementing what is planned according to a framework. While improving the current capacity, our consultants and experts do not simply fill the gaps. Instead, they have a more holistic approach such as transferring the knowledge and expertise to beneficiaries, ensuring clients' independence from outside experience and sustain their own development in the shortest-run possible.


We develop built-in incentives to help the beneficiaries to apply the changes and novelties as well as expressively enunciating the benefits to them. Experts and consultants of Agamemnon Consulting Group have always been aware of the human factor, this is why, we take Monitoring and Evaluation of the contracts in our hotspot to demonstrate progress for engaging stakeholder move in addition to tracking the progress.

We always different test and utilize different project methodologies such as Scrum, Kanban, Agile, Six Sigma.


Private Sector Development



Financial Advice